Sustainable Cities-Curitiba

Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable Cities- Curitiba

Curitiba is aiming to be a sustainable city-

1) Curitiba is a city in Southern Brazil with a population of  1.8 million people.

2) The overall aims of its planners are to improve the environment.

3) The city has a budget of $600 milllion passengers per day.

4) Curitiba is working towards sustainability in different ways:

  • Reducing car use
  • Plenty of open spaces and conserved natural environment
  • Good recycling schemes
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Sustainable Cities-Curitiba

Curitiba has been very successful in its aim to be sustainable-

1) The reduction in car use means that there's less poolution and use of fossil fuels. This means that ther environment won't be damaged so much for people in the future.

2) Leaving green, open spaces and conserving the the natural environment meants that people in the future will still be able to use the open spaces.

3) The high level of recycling meanas that fewer resources are used and less waste has to go to landfill. This means more resources will be available in the future.

4) Curitiba is also a nice place to live- 99% of its residents said in a recent survey that they were happy in their town.

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