Sustainable Cities and Eco-Towns

Definitions of key words on the subject of Sustainable Cities and Eco-Towns.

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  • Small Villages or Towns which are entirely zero-carbon. They generate their own energy from renewable sources and sell surplus back to the national grid.They have many open green spaces which improves the quality of life of the residents.

Carbon Neutral Homes:

  • Homes where carbon emissions do not add to the net amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Zero-Carbon Homes:

  • Where absolutely no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.
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Renewable Energy:

  • A source of energy that will never run out. They can be used but nothing is ever really taken away. It includes; Wind, Solar and Hydroelectric.

Non-Renewable Energy:

  • A source of energy that takes millions of years to create, so they will eventually run out if overused. They also produce greenhouse gasses when burn to create energy, such as carbon dioxide. It includes; Coal, Oil and Gas.
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  • Something that is sustainable works with all involved parties in a way that they will all benefit. This means it will last for a long time.


  • Something that is unsustainable has many negative impacts and requires a lot of money yet does not yeild a good return. Therefore it cannot be and is not sensible to be supported.
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