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to use something again for example you reuse carrier bags boxes and other items. you can donate or resell items to charity shops or orgnisations in need.

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reduce waste- use less material to produce a product

prevent waste- use processes that create less waste

consider life cycle analysic i.e the length of  a time product is used without fault and the effect this has on the environment.

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Keep raw materials in the system try to be less dependant on natural sources

keep recycling products as it reduces the amount of waste then ends up in landfill sites.

Buy recycled products and help create a demand for them

recycling is where you put something through a cycle again for example the  cycle of recycling glass bottles.

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Refuse is when you refuse to do something for example in graphics you can refuse to buy goods that cannot easily be recycled.

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Repair is when you fix something rather than buying a new product. advanges of repairing products is that it can same you money and save on the manufacturing costs of a buying a brand new product.

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Rethink is where you reconsider something and think about how you could approach your design problems diffrently using the other 5rs

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