suspensory ligament desmitis

cammoto 2005


  • 16 horses with induced suspensory ligament desmitis in both forelimbs
  • horses treated with shockwave therapy three times at three week intervals


  • increased collagen fibrils and extracellular matrix components on treated limbs compared to control limbs
    • may be due to extra fibroblast activity
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mero 2002


  • 16 horses with forelimb lameness subsequently diagnosed with suspensory ligament desmitis
  • suspensory ligament from 4 horses used in a different study submitted


  • 12 horses had involvement in all four limbs
  • other issues such as hyperextended fetlocks common
  • 13 horses do no athletic work- possible inherited component?
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hunt 2001


  • 27 clinical cases of lower limb issues including suspensory ligament desmitis
  • horses in spa bath 5 days/week 4 weeks


  • negligible visible res[onse to treatment until 8-16 days when swelling was reduced
  • changes visible on ultrasound after 7 days


  • no use of control
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barber 2016

hydrotherapy often used to offer partial support while ligament heals

  • limited research
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down 2013

owners should wait for ultrasonographic improvement before return to exercise- often lags behind return to soundness0

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