surgery problems

the problems of Pain, infection and surgical shock before the surgery revolution

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  • surgery was done only under natural anasthetics such as alcohol and opium.
  • patients would get drunk before a operation or get a boxer to knock them out
  • operations were terrifying for the patient
  • patients died during the operation from pain or from post operative shock
  • operations had to be quick to reduce the how long the pain was felt by the patient
  • patients had to be strapped in so they didn't move so much because of the pain.
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  • operations carried out under unhygenic conditions
  • wounds would easily get infected.
  • patients died from infected wounds
  • doctors wore everyday clothes that were sometimes covered in the blood of a previous patient.
  • sugical instriments wern't sterilised.
  • this happened before pasteurs germ theory in 1861, so no one knew the importance of clean conditions for operations.
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Surgical shock

  • blood loss
  • there was no way of stopping blood loss during operations
  • many patients died from blood loss during operations
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