Surgery 1845-1918


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  • Created Carbolic Acid 1867
  • Pasteurs Germ Theory Inspired Him to reasearch antiseptics

FACTORS Technology + Science

  • Tech to develop pump

Stopped spread of infection  (used to treat sewage)

Cut gut soaked in acid= ligitures.


  • Expensive
  • Time to prepare = blood loss
  • Surgery Hard (wet)
  • Made them Cough
  • Spray harmed skin and lungs
  • Asistants had to do more work.

Trained Surgeons,     deaths went from 45% to 15%

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  • Created Chloroform ANESTHETIC In 1847 (homer simpson eating for 7people)
  • Simpson had used 'Ether' for childbirth but was flamable.

Solved problem of pain.

Relgious views = against nature

Queen Elizabeth used it.

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Germ Theory



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Blood Groups    1901

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It was Queen Victoria who used chloroform, which made the use of it widely accepted, as she called it 'that blessed chloroform', not Queen Elizabeth.

It was Pare who created ligatures out of cat guts, not Lister.

Another problem with Chloroform was that dosages had not been figured out. Take Hannah Greener, who was having her toenail (removed i think?). She was given Chloroform, but in a large dose that actually killed her during her surgery.


Mmmh, yeah I agree ^^^^  :)


But she is right Lister invented cat gut ligatures, Pare used silk ones, she is wrong about the Queen Elizabeth thing though

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