'Sunseeker' Migration

750,000 Britons live permanently in Spain. Different to A8 migrants as 60% are economically inactive - many retired.

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Reasons making migration easier.

  • Spain joined the EU in 1986.
  • Internet allows easy communication with friends, family & businesses back in the UK.
  • Companies sort out legal issues & paperwork by employing english-speaking lawyers and estate agents.
  • Cheap airlines such as Easy-jet & Ryanair make travel easier.
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Push Factors!

  • Perceived rise in crime
  • Declining respect
  • Lack of space & congestion
  • Low environmental quality
  • High taxes
  • Spiraling house prices
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Pull Factors!

  • Guaranteed better weather/ climate. Longer hours of sunshine.
  • Perceived relaxed lifestyle... 'Holiday atmosphere'.
  • Generally cheaper style of living & cheaper houses.
  • Business opportunities. 
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Benefits for & Costs UK


  • Emigration almost balances out immigration reducing net migration.
  • Fewer elderly to take care of.
  • Relieves pressure for new homes & to build on greenfield sites.
  • Less bed-blocking


  • 'Grey Pound' is spend overseas.
  • Loss of potential childcare. 
  • Loss of experienced workforce - especially if retire early.
  • Family break-ups.
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Benefits & Costs for Spain


  • Increased spending within local economy. 
  • Use of scrubland.
  • Jobs in construction, retail, legal & health services.


  • Emigrant 'ghettos' are created with little social & cultural integration.
  • House prices exceed buying power of locals.
  • Destroys coastal landscape and biodiversity is degraded.
  • Localised pollution
  • Flood risk rises due to urban development. 
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