Summary of the Spanish-American War

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The War itself

  • April 1898 - Double attack on Spanish territories, navy attacked Spain in the Phillipines and destroyed it's fleet. By mid-August US troops had occupied the capital, Manila.
  • On route to Phillipines, the US Navy seized Guam - few dozen Spanish soliders were captured but they did not garrison the island. One American civillian living there served as the entire occupation for the force.
  • In Cuba US Ships blockaded the Spanish in the harbour.
  • July 1st - American troops seized two Spanish garrisons on El Carney Hill & San Juan Hill.
  • After 17 days of fighting the Spanish surreneded
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The Army

  • At the time consisted of only 28,000 men
  • Dependent on local organisation rather than federal support
  • Ill trained & poorly equipped, e.g went to summer-time battle in the tropic in wollen uniforms!
  • Only 379 died in combat but 5,000 died as a result of disease
  • Comparison to the Navy which was very efficient
  • Attempted to recruit black soliders into Florida and Georgia (Jim Crow societies) - exploded in racial conflict
  • Shortage of weapons, transport and training
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The Treaty of Paris

  • December 1898 - The Spanish wanted an armistice but the USA was unsure.

1. Cuban independence would be recognised but the USA influenced it's constitution and was allowed possesion of Guantanamo Bay

2. Spain lost the last pieces of their Empire by ceding Puerto Rico into the Caribbean and Guam to the USA

3. The Phillipines was up for sale to the USA for $20 million

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Fate of Cuba

  • Recognised as independent but US troops stayed there another 4 years and an American Governor was placed in charge ("Cuba needed help to stabilise")
  • US Capitalists dominated their industry/agriculture - mining companies owned 80% of copper ore exports, 10% land belong to giant America-owned agricultural estates
  • 1901 PLATT AMENDMENT - Cuba an American Protectorate "a state or terriotory partly controlled by a stronger state"
  • 1902 - US troops withdrawn and Cuban Government established. US reserved the right to intervene should anyone threaten Cuban independence
  • 1934 Platt Amendment repealed
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Fate of the Phillipines

  • Refused independence by the USA
  • A vicious 3 year war began in 1899
  • 4500 Americans killed
  • 50-200,000 Fillipinos killed
  • Leader was captured and a civil Government under Taft was set up
  • Promised independence but did not achieve it untill 1946
  • People thought this was an act of imperialism but Mckinley defended himself calling it an "civilising mission"
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