Summary of Buddhist Views on Daily Life


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Importance of Family

Not overly important as the Buddha left his family to become a 'Sadhu'. It may not be the ideal state to become enlightened.

Karma- You were born to your parents because of your thoughts and actions in a previous life. Your thoughts and actions in this life will create the karma for your next rebirth.

Metta- loving kindness for all living things.

Mahamangala Sutta- support ones father/ mother, love ones husband/ wife and children, help relatives and live blamelessly.

The Shanga rely on families do donate food, drinks and clothing. They educate the sons.

Metta, 5 Precepts and the 6 Paramites can strengthen the family bonds and sustain the unit.

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Marriage and Divorce.

3rd Precept- 'refrain from sexual misconduct'. This make adultery a unskilful act.

Metta- loving kindness for all living things.

4 Noble Truths- Desire causes suffering. Could this be a holy motivated divorce?

1st Precpet- 'Do not harm others'. This says that one should not be in a relationship if it making them unhappy. But then one should not be a sexual relationship that will hurt others (Adultery). Buddhism recognises divorce but if it is necessary then it must be done with the least harm as possible.

All 5 Precepts- living by them will sustain marriage and avoid death

Ideal Husband- Respectful, courteous, faithful, share authority, give presents.

Ideal Wife- Hospitable, faithful, manage the household, look after belongings, carry out jobs skilfully and industriously.

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Euthanasia and Abortion

1st Precept- 'Do not take ones life'. This means that euthanasia and suicide would be unskilful acts which result in bad karma for all those involved.

Metta- loving kindness for all living things.

Compassion- If the act is on compassionate grounds then the act would not be seen as unskilful.

Right Intention- if the act if for the right intention then the act will be seen as skilful.

Samsara- you cannot break out of the cylce of samsara unless one is enlightened. There is no escape from suffering and the taking of life could create a negative karmic effect making suffering worse in ones rebirth.

Euthanasia only!..- Support hospices help one to come to terms with death and help them prepare for it. This could be an alternative to euthanasia.

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Weath and Poverty.

Karma- the poor are poor because of their actions and thoughts in their previous lives. Helping the poor will be seen as a skilful act and will result in a positive karmic effect.

Compassion for all.

Metta- loving kindness for all living things.

The Buddha had no belongings and he was happy.

Annica- impermanence of all things. This shows that wealth will change too therefore it cannot bring happiness.

4 Noble Truths- Craving causes suffering. Therefore by craving wealth one cannot achive enlightenment; only creating more suffering and bad karma for themselves.

Getting rid of the 3 Posions- Greed.

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Anatta- No permenant skin. This means that in one life you may be one skin colour but in another you may be a different skin colour. Therefore racism may affect everybody at some point.

Metta- loving kindness for all living things.

8 Fold Path- This is the Right way to live. Using the right view, speech, intention etc.

Buddhism is a part of many different nationalites.

Buddhist see everybody as equals.

All forms of racism come from the DELUDED MIND. Clouded by ignorance, greed and anger and pride.

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