Summary of Storage Devices

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Summary of Storage Devices

  • Hard disk drives are a form of magnetic storage commonly used as the primary storage devices in a computer system.
    • They have a large storage capacity and are reliable as they have a long lifespan.
    • However their read/write time is slow compared to SSD, can be easily damaged by knocks and are not particularly portable when compared to alternatives.
  • Solid state drives are a form of flash storage often used as a portable storage device with a large capacity. They’re also used commonly as primary storage in mobile devices, laptops & recently desktops.
    • They have fast/read write speeds compared to HDDs, consume less power than HDDs and are not easily damaged by knocks.
    • However they are comparatively expensive compared to HDDs and as such generally have a lower storage capacity. They also have a limited number of writes.
  • USB flash drives are a form of flash storage commonly used for transferring data between different computers, as well as to backup our files.
    • They are very portable, are durable to knocks and are very compatible with devices.
    • However they are easily lost, have a limited number of writes, and a comparatively low storage capacity.
  • SD cards are a form of flash storage commonly used in digital cameras, as well as in mobile devices like smartphones.
    • They are very small and portable, and are also reliable as they aren’t easily damaged by knocks.
    • However they have a relatively small capacity and there can be some issues with compatibility.
  • Optical disks, like CDs, DVDs & Blu-Ray, are a form of optical storage commonly used for storing music, films, tv & software, for distribution by suppliers.
    • They are compatible with most personal computers and are highly portable.
    • However their storage capacity is relatively small and they can be easily damaged
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