Sugar Control

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Control of blood glucose levels

Hormones Revision:

  • Hormones are chemicals produced by some glands
  • Small amounts fo these chemical messengers are carried around the body in the stream/plasma 
  • They tell specific parts of the body what to do


  • Insulin is made by the pancreas to control the amount of glucose in the blood
  • When you eat a meal the amount of glucose in your blood increases
  • The pancrea detects this and releases insulin into your blood
  • The insulin 'tells' your liver to remove the extra glucose and store it as glycogen
  • It is dangerous to have too much glycose in your blood. It makes you tired and thirsty and can kill you.
  • A second hormone called glucagon is also made by the pancreas 
  • This corrects blood glucose levels that have gone too low 
  • It causes the liver to change glycogen back into glucose 

Glucose level too low------Glucagon causues glycogen to get changed back into gluocse

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