Expalining the suffraggetes and the suffragists 

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The national union of woman suffrage society (Suff

  • Formed in 1897
  • Led by Millie Fawcett
  • Group made up of middle class women
  • Campaigned peacefully 
  • Built up supporters in parliament
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The woman's social and political union (Suffragett

  • Formed in 1903
  • Led by Emmeline Pankhurst 
  • Group made up of Middle class Women
  • Campaigned violently!
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The suffragettes

The suffragettes caused a lot of violence in order to try and get the vote. Some historians argue that the politicians could not face having violence after the war had finished so simply gave them the vote.  

This consisted of

  • held marches
  • members chained themselves to railings
  • attacked policemen
  • broke windows
  • slashed paintings
  • set fire to buildings
  • threw bombs and went on hunger strike when they were sent to prison.
  • One suffragette, Emily Davison, ran out in front of the king's horse during the Derby of 1913 and was killed.
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But some other Historians argue it was the slow patient persuausion of the Suffragists that won the vote. Lloyd George was on the suffrage society side. 

  • Lectures
  • pamphlets
  • petitions
  • pilgrimages
  • steady pressure on MPs, public meetings
  • MPs sponsoring private members
  • newspapers 
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The war

During the war women filled in and done the mens jobs whilst they were away at war. Such as;

  • Farming 
  • Driving trams and trains 
  • working in factories
  • Nurses
  • Munition factories 
  • Police women
  • Public transport 
  • Post office 
  • Went into the armed forces as cooks and for medical care. 
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