Successive Ionisation Energies

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Explaining Trends

Successive Ionisation Energies

General increase: The electrons of each atom are becoming increasingly closer to it's nucleus as an electron is being removed therefore it experiences less repulsion from inner electrons and a stronger attraction to the nucleus thus requiring more energy to be removed.

Large increase: The large increases are as a result of an electron being removed from a lower principle energy level which are closer to the nucleus of the atom being more strongly attracted to the nucleus

First Ionisation Energy down a group

General increase: There are more principal energy levels being added therefore the outer electrons of each atom are increasingly getting further from the nucleus therefore there's a weaker attraction between it and it's nucleus. Furthermore, as there are more full inner shells of electrons going down the group, shielding increases, repelling the outer electron and decreasing the effectiveness of the nuclear charge thus requirimg less energy to remove it.

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