RELATIONSHIP TO AUGUSTUS: nephew- married to Julia in 25BC 

POLITICAL PROMOTION: permission to take all offices ten years before the legal age- elected as aedile at age 18. 

OUTCOME: died 23BC

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RELATIONSHIP TO AUGUSTUS: loyal frined- forced to marry the widowed Julia in 21BC

POLITICAL PROMOTION: granted proconsular imperium and powers of  Tribune in 18BC for five years. his powers were then renewed in 13BC. very important general and part of Augustus' building project- aqueducts etc. 

OUTCOME: intended as regent for children adopted in 17BC, died in 12BC 

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RELATIONSHIP TO AUGUSTUS: stepson (elder son of livia)- forced to divorce Vispania and marry Julia in 11BC

POLITICAL PROMOTION: permission to take offices 5 years ahead of legal age in 24- praetorian rank. in 19 he was given the important Ilyricum campaign. he also recieved tribunician power for five years in 6BC. 

OUTCOME: intended as regent for Augustus' sons, Gaius and Lucius Caesar. he retired to Rhodes in 6BC until AD2.

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RELATIONSHIP TO AUGUSTUS: grandsons of Augustus and adopted as sons in 17BC.

POLITICAL PROMOTION: entered public life aged 15 in 5BC and 2BC respectively.

Attended senate at 15, were made priests and proclaimed as princeps iuventutis.

to be consuls at age 20

groomed as Augustus' successors. 

OUTCOME: gaius- went to east in 1BC and died in AD4 in Lycia. 

Lucius died AD2. 

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RELATIONSHIP TO AUGUSTUS: adopted as Augustus' son in AD4 (at same time as Augustus' other grandson Agrippa postumus who was exiled in AD7) 

POLITICAL PROMOTION: recieved tribunicia potestas for ten years and renewed in 13AD for life. 

reluctantly accepted as possible succesor by Augustus.

OUTCOME: he was made to adopt germanicus, son of his dead brither drusus. 

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