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A culture within a culture where a group develops distinctive norms and values of their own different from mainstream culture.

Albert Cohen Developed and explanation of delinquent youth subcultures. Tried to explain why young working class men commit more crime then other classes. Seemed to be for the 'kicks' and fun. Young working class men a group who statistically are least likely to succeed in education therrefore difficult to get well paid jobs so unable to get the status to expect with a well paid job. status frustration, form subculture twist societys norms and values 'upside down' to get back at society at which they do not succeed.

'James Patrick 1973' 'a glasgow gang observed':

  • Joined a Glasgow gang for four months.
  • One inscident he observed illustrated Cohen's ideas well; Gang went to public libary and made lots of noise, then set a waste paper bin on fire and ran away.

1990 burberry clothing use to be regarded as an upper-class brand, so by paying the higher prices as a young working-class man were seen as claiming the status of the wealthy. However the negativity surrounding the subculture in the media labelled this as 'chav' therefore the status was short lived.

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