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Why make a plan?

My name is

1 Guided students through revision for over 35 years

2 I know that revision is never easy and usually tough and stressful

It seems like such an enormous task and they just don't know where to begin 

3 What i found helped was to sit down together and make a week by week plan

That way they knew what they should be doing each day, balanced their time between subjects, kept normal life going and never ran out of time

4 I've Learnt a lot about  what works and all of this has gone into the Get Revising Study Planner.

It actually creates the revision plan for you, building revision around your life and giving you the exact amout of revision you want for every exam.

It creates a plan that is realistic and that makes it easy to stick to.

5 Settig up the reviosion plan takes about 10 minutes and that 10 minutes can save you endless worry and hours of wasted time. 

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How to get started

Getting started on the Get Revising study planner is simple and quick

1 You set up the planner with some some basic information like your exam dates and how much revision you want to do for each

2 Then you add all the times when you can't or don't want to study - maybe lessons, part time work, lie ins, family occasions, social events

3 Then you sit back while the planner creates your study calendar - putting exactly the amount of revision you wnat at times when youre free

It is even clever enough to increase the amount of revision you do as the exam gets closer.

4 Of course things change from week to week so we've made it really easy to change the plan

5 The whole process shouldn't take more than 15 minutes and it may just sort out your revision for you 

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Using the planner

Staying motivated through the revision period is tough

Here's three things we've done in the Get Revising study planner that help you to keep motivated

1. Its easy to feel disheartened when you miss a revision session or it takes longert than you thought to learn something. But in the real world No one is gooing to be able to stick exactly to their original plan - things change 

so we've made it really easy to move revsiion sessions around or create new ones using simple drag and drop

2. Everyone these days has busy lives and its easy to forget that you should be studying. So you can choose to have reminder emails before study sessions for any or all your exams.

3. OK, you've settled down to do some revision but you're not sure what to do exactly - no problem. You can click into any study session, plan what you need to do and even get suggestions for resources that migfght be useful for that topic and a link to craete falshcards, quizzes or whatever will help you learn

The Get Revising study planner can really help you stay motivated and on track for the grades you need

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