Studies on anxiety and eye witness testimony

There are some questions and answers to test yourselves on some studies about eye witness testimony. 

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Questions on the study by Christianson and Hubinet

1) What was the study?

2) What were the results?

3) What kind of experiment was this? 

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Answers to questions in Card 1

1) They questioned 58 real witnesses to a real bank robbery, some felt more threatened than others. After the crime witnesses had to identify the robber from some pictures.

2)Those who felt more threatened had more accurate recall than onlookers.

3) This was a natural experiment because the researcher did not stimulate it or control any of the variables, he was just observing a real life event. 

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Questions for the study by Loftus et al.

1) What was the study?

2) What were the results?

3) What kind of experiment was it?

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Answers to the questions in card 3

1) There were 2 conditions. One involved a weapon the other did not. Participants in both conditions heard a heated discussion from the next room. In condition 1, a man emerged holding a pen with ink on his hands. In condition 2, a man appeared holding a paper knife covered in blood. They were all asked to identify the man from 50 photos.

2) Participants in condition 1 were 49% accurate. Those in condition 2 were 33% accurate.

2) This was a field experiment because the researcher had controlled some of the variables and planned the experiment but the participants did not know that they were being studied on.

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