Structured Interviews


What Is A Structured Interview?

A structured interview is used as a form of surveying. A list of questions (usually closed) are asked by the researcher in person and the respondent then reveals their answer (generally from a questionnaire).

Structured interviews may be used for those who are incapable of reading or understanding a questionnaire, e.g. criminal convicts.

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A structured interview is very easy to repeat, just like questionnaires are. This demonstrates the key quality of reliability. However, just because data is reliable, it does not mean it is valid (accurate & honest).

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Problems With Structured Interviews

Just like any other research method, structured interviews have flaws and weaknesses. Below is a brief description of one of the main problems with a structured interview.

  • Interviewer Bias- Also referred to as "the interviewer effect". This means that the presence/behaviour of the interviewer influences answers given by respondents.
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