Stress - Causes of Stress - Life Events and Daily Hassels - Kanner

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Life Events and Daily Hassels - Kanner


Minor daily hassels such as loosing your keys or life events such as death of a loved one all contribute to stress

Aim: Kanner aimed to see whether Hassels would correlate more with stress than life events

M&P: Self report used; Psychometric tests conducted; 100 californian middle-aged people; Hassels and uplifs scale completed every month; Berkman Life Events completed; 10 months after; stress levels also assessed every month.

Results: Positive correlation between stress and daily hassels. A negative correlation between uplifts and stress and in Daily Hassels, there is more stress than life events.

Conclusion: It can be found that there is evidence to suggest that minor stressors can combine to become one large cause of stress.

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