stress and CHD other research

other research into the link between stress and CHD, continuing from the main friedman and rosenman study (link below)

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  • asked 13,000 people to complete a anger questionnaire
  • none of the particiapnts suffered from CHD before the study
  • found that 6 years later those who scored high on the anger scale were 2.6 times more likely to have a heart attack
  • this shows that one aspect of type A behaviour is enough to pur you at risk of getting CHD, which suggests a link between stress and CHD


  • type A or agression?- uncertainty to the actual cause of CHD, type A behaviour or just agression, as only one characteristic of type A behaviour was tested
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Russek and Zohman

  • studied GP's and dematologists
  • found that GP's (who were classed as having a highly stressful job) had a high rate of heart disease (11.9%) compared to dematologists (less stressful job) of whom only 3.2% had experiences of CHD
  • this shows that people with highly stressful jobs are more at risk from CHD, suggesting a link between stress and CHD


  • low population validity- lonly looks at the effect of specific stressors on people (no everyone's a dcotor and so are unlikely to experience the same type of stress) therefore its hard to generalise to others
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