Evaluation of Just war theory

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Strengths of Just war theory

  • It tries to protect the innocent victims of warfare.
  • It encourages combatants to think about the moral implications of their actions .
  • It rejects the view that there are no rules with regard to jus in bello
  • It maintains the central importance of the dignity of each human being.
  • The cultue, traditions of the dfeated nation are respected.Therefore future grievences that might lead to further conflict are avoided.
  • It is a universal theory, but flexiable, in that it grows and develops over time.
  • It places moral iontegrity above the pursuit of power.
  • It tries to prevent the excesses of warfare by rejecting the notion of retribution.
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Weaknesses of the just war theory

  • In the wars of the lates 20th century it has been increasinginly difficult to destinguish between the innocent and the guilty .In some countries male and females are obliged to do military services for a period each year- are they all combatants? Many wars are paid by private buisness men- are thye combatants?
  • It is argued that the concepts of war and justice are incompatiable.Theologian, Walter Wink considers that Augustines teaching of just war theory led christians on the wrong path(before this there was no wars).He believes that there can never be a just cause for going to war.Wink agues that justice is brought about by equality and fairnes, soemthing which wa can never achieve, so just war is a contradiction in terms.
  • It is open to great abuse. People will always be able to justify war, no matter what unjust ulterior motives, such as economic gain or more power.
  • It fails to set out clearly what rules are necessary in dealing with civil wars.
  • Weapons of mass destruction demand a different approach , as they break all the basic rulle in war , terrorists also break the rules.
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