strengths and weaknesses of experiments

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  • lab setting easy to gain consent becuase you can tell participants exactly what is going on . if they are told what thry are doing they might change their behaviour which could alter results
  • when they come into lab their right to withdraw can be explained
  • can control factors that cold change dependant vriable  by contolling other variables the experimenter can be certain that differences in the dependant variable have been caused by the different conditions
  • the DV can be measured accurately
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  • giving full info may alter the way they behave this is called deception
  • not knowing aims may upset some participants
  • some experiementers need to deliberately decieve participants

to minimise harm:

  • avoide using deception unless necessary
  • avoide other problems such as embarasment
  • explain real purpose asap
  • allow to withdraw

experiments shoiuld try to represent real life as much as possible.

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