Street car named Desire characters



  • Stella's older sister
  • Used to be an english teacher in Laurel until she had a sexual affair with a pupil and was asked to leave
  • Widowed to Alan, who commited suicide due to being a homosexual man resricted by society at the time
  • After loosing Belle Reve, she moved to live with Stella and Stanley in New Orleans, she does not fit in with her surroundings thus the begining of her downfall
  • Despite having sexual urges and being promiscuis, Blanche acts innocent and pure.
  • She frequently bathes to represent the idea of cleaning herself of sins.
  • She avoids reality, symbolically hiding from the light which reveals her true self- she lives in her imagination
  • Her mental instability grows due to Stanley, who exposes details of her past, ruins her relationship with Mitch, rapes her and sends her to an insane asylum.
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  • Younger sister of Blanche
  • left Blanche in Mississippi when she was young and moved to New Orleans
  • Married her spirit animal, Stanley, they share a relationship that is sexual, animalistic, violent and erratic
  • There is clear female stereotype mirrored in Stella, she cooks, cleans and obeys Stanley- there is weakness seen in her lack of ability to stand up for her sister
  • She cannot believe Blanches accusations of Stanley and brushes her to the side, this denial of reality shows she has more in common with her sister than she thinks
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  • Husband of Stella
  • Toxic character who is abusive to both his wife and Blanche however he is loyal and passionate to Stella
  • He represents the stereotypical macho man, He fought in WW1 he works and provides for Stella
  • He conflicts with Blanche because he lacks imagination and ideals, he has no patience for a weak character such as Blanche
  • By the end of the play he is a disturbing character who beats his wife, rapes Blanche and shows no remorse for his actions. 
  • The most unfair part of the play is that Blanche is an outcast and a character such as Stanley is the proud family man.
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  • Stanleys friend from the army, plays poker with the men
  • He courts Blanche until he hears about her shameful past, showing he is easily influenced despite being different to the other men
  • Unlike Stanley, Mitch is sensitive and gentlemanly, he lives with his dying mother and has been in love before like Blanche
  • Blanche and Mitch are an unlikely match as he does not fit the rich, hero that Blanche invisions, however their damaged pasts allow them to find comfort in one another
  • When Blanche is taken away, he is one of the only characters to show despair
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Other small parts

  • Allan- Blanches deceased husband, never seen on stage but his death haunts Blanche
  • Young collector- Teenage boy who Blanche innapropriately kisses, reminds her of the young boy she cheated with
  • Shep- Blanches ideal man, he is rich and respectable, she believes he will rescue her
  • steve- Stellas upstairs neighbour, he is an abusive brutish man
  • Eunice- Steves wife, similar to Stella
  • Doctor- Takes blanche away and symbolises the cold, hardness of the mental 'help' that was provided during that time
  • Mexican woman- vision in Blanches mind selling flowers for the dead, foreshadows her metaphorical death
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