Strategies for Memory Improvement

Memory Improvements.

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Strategies for Memory Improvement I

Paying Attention - If you are serious about learning something you need to attend to it, avoid distraction and focus on what you need to learn. Choose a location with less destraction.

Avoiding Interference Effects - Retrieval of information is interference from similar material.
-Retroactive Interference - When new information interfears with old information (replacing phone number).
-Proactive Interference -  When old memory trace distrupts new information (giving someone you're old number).

Use of Elaborative Rehearsal - Craik & Watkins (73) distinguished between maintenance and elavorative rehearsal.
Maintenance - Repeating information over and over.
Elaborate - Linking it to pre existing knowledge. 

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Strategies for Memory Improvement II

Organisation - Organising into chunks increases capacity of STM to help LTM. It is helpful to organise into meaningful patterns.

Use of Mnemonnics:
Method of Loci - Imaging the item in the place you choose in order to remember them, for exampple remembering a shopping list and you use your home. Loaf of bread is the front door, eggs are smashed on the stairs ect ect.
Peg-Word Method - Retrival clues are a set of learn 'pegs'. For example, rhyming numbers with words (1 gun, 2 shoe, 3 tree, 4 door). After you can associate them with an image, like shooting bread and walking on eggs. 

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