Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney

This is just a brief summary of some of the key things you may wish to mention in your English Literature exam. I have not gone into detail about the language, however, i have included simple headings in order to list a few basic facts about things you may wish to compare. Hope this helps!

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Storm on the Island - Summary and Themes

Summary of poem

Humans prepare for a storm.

The storm can neither be seen nor touched - there are no trees on the Island meaning the effects cannot be seen.

It's effects on the Island however, are profound.


The power of nature.


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Storm on the Island - Style, Rhyme & Layout


Heaney speaks to us as the reader directly; this is shown on line seven when he uses a converational tone - 'you know what i mean'.

Rhyme and Rhythm

Iambic Pentametre

Blank Verse - The peom does not rhyme

Continuous weak stress on words which denotes the inability to stand up to nature. We as humans are weak in comparison to nature which is unstoppable.


Long sentences set against short phrases which suggests the storm is ongoing, but we as humans hope for it to end quick.

The form is broken up - this reflects the effects of the storm - breaking and damaging.

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