'Still Life' at the Penguin Cafe

a dance study, choreographed by David Bintley

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Choreographer - David Bintley

Composer - Simon Jeffes

Designer - Hayden Griffin

Dance Idea - Endangered Species

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Section 1 - The Great Auk a

Costume - penguin masks, tail coats, bow ties, joined trousers (shows short legs), carrying shampgane glass trays (show they are waitors)

Acompaniment - light hearted, chirpy, mainly woodwind

Set Design - ice burg backdrop (shows habitat)

Lighting - bright white/pale blue

Action Content -  flexing feet, turns, polka, gallops, hops

Dynamics - skimming, bouncy

Use of Space - small actions, curving floor patterns, angular and asemetrical body shapes

Relationships - interweaving, solo, unison, cannon

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Section 1 - The Great Auk b

Costume - penguins, as section b (some without trays) women in floaty ballgowns with coloured skirts that fade to cream at the waist

Acompaniment - light hearted, chirpy, mainly strings and piano

Set Design - grand wall with windows backdrop

Lighting - warmer lighting

Action Content -  walking, pivot steps, backbends, lifts, kicks, ballroom hold

Dynamics - gliding, graceful, light

Use of Space - symetry, linear floor patterns, large movements

Relationships -  couples, group unison, some solo, leading and following

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Section 2 - Utah Longhorn Ram

Costume - a sheep mask with horns (to show the animal), an apricot coloured dress that fades at the top and has a spiraling removable skirt 

Acompaniment -  gentle, galloping speed with violins and precussion

Set Design - starts the same as 1b and then becomes a barren red rocky backdrop when the skirt is removed

Lighting -  lilacy blue, a spotlight on the ram

Action Content -  steps, hops, pivots, siscor kicks, iscolations

Dynamics - smooth, graceful, bouncy, controlled

Use of Space -  small and large movements, linear floor patterns, angular arms

Relationships -   varations; duo with changing partners, quintet and solo, quartet and duo, following, unison

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Section 3 - Texan Kangeroo Rat

Costume - rat mask, dungarees (shows habitat), grubby shirt (shows he works)

Acompaniment - ***-down style (shows habitat), joyful and simple tune, wind and precussion

Set Design - a desert scene (shows habitat), with large cacti (shows scale) backdrop

Lighting - greeny yellow

Action Content - hops, leaps, turns, travelling, circling iscolated body parts, slapping the knee, scratching

Dynamics - light, fast, fluid, relaxed

Use of Space - centre stage, zigzag and circular pathways, big/small movements

Relationships - solo,  symmetrical and mirror image repetitions

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Section 4 - Humboldt's Hog-nosed Skunk Flea

Costume - orange lycra body suit with yellow bands around the waist and limbs (shows segments of the insect), helmet shaped flea mask with wobbly anteni, male dancers wearing morris dancing outfits

Acompaniment - lively folk music, brass and maracas

Set Design - brown fur backdrop (shows habitat)

Lighting - bright with spotlight on the flea

Action Content - skipping, hopping, running, kicks, pointe work

Dynamics - relaxed, bouncy, energetic, strong, some floppy

Use of Space - circular and linear floor patterns, symetry

Relationships -  uniso, couple, following, duo, group

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Section 5 - Southern Cape Zebra

Costume - lycra body suit with zebra stipes, neck and face painted, mohecan style main that runs from head to tail.

Acompaniment - minor key, piano, elegiac

Set Design - hazy scene (shows heat) with trees, on backdrop

Lighting - dim natural effect lights

Action Content -  walking, stillness, jumping, balances, twisting and iscolations of the spine, twitching hands

Dynamics - fluid, graceful, bouyant

Use of Space - mainly downstage, linear floor patterns

Relationships - solo and a group of eight women, no interaction

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Section 5 - Rain Forest People

Costume - tribal skirt things, necklaces and tribal markings on the face

Acompaniment - strings and harp, slow paced, simple

Set Design - tropical leaves

Lighting - green light that casts long shadows

Action Content - suporting lifts, leaps, runs, kneeling

Dynamics - smooth, flowing

Use of Space - circular floor patterns, large gestures, extreme level changes

Relationships -  trio, unison, duo

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Section 7a - Brazilian Wooly Monkey

Costume - monkey mask, gold tail coat top hat and shoes, bright coloured trousers, women in brazilian dresses, bright pinks

Acompaniment - party music, lively samba

Set Design - fan shaped leaves, show habitat

Lighting - green dappled

Action Content - lifts, turning, traveling, kicks

Dynamics - fast, energetic, bouncy

Use of Space - whole stage used

Relationships -  solo, duo, trio

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Section 7b - the Flood

Costume - dancers from all sections, without masks

Acompaniment - rain, thunder, galloping rhythm

Set Design - black backdrop, light to reveal noah's arc

Lighting - lightening, silvery dim lighting

Action Content - elevation, traveling, lifts

Dynamics - fast, sudden pauses, drooping

Use of Space - lang actions, curving body shaps, whole stage used

Relationships - solo, duo, group, unison, dancing with dancers from different sections

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Filming Tecniques

close up, long shot, rain overlay in the flood

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Laura Browning


thanks, this is really useful for my exam tomorrow!!! this is the only place where i can find revision materials!!

Laura Browning


thanks, this is really useful for my exam tomorrow!!! this is the only place where i can find revision materials!!



I agree, it has good points! thanks :)

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