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Perkin Warbeck

17 year old from Tournai in France. One of the Pretenders, claimed to be Richard of York youngest son of Edward IV. Died in 1499.

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Treaty of Medina Del Campo

marriage of Arthur to Catherine Of Aragon

Spain promised : Large Dowry, Not to help English rebels, Help England recover Normandy and Aquitaine, Aid England should it be at war with France

England Promised : Aid spain should it be at war with France, Help spain recover Cerdagne and Rousillon.

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The Chamber

A centre of royal finance handling an annual turn over of £100,000. Changed because exchequer was too slow and had poor income. In charge of all sources of income except accounts of sheriffs and custom duties. Money went to Chamer for quick expenditures.

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The Exchequer

The crowns financial administrator. Changed when chamber brought in- responsible for custom duties and accounts of sheriffs.

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Privy Council

Advice to the king, members usually had other roles, was a socail status to some nobelmen. Internal affairs, defending realm, royal finances, court.

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Battle of Bosworth

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Rhys Ap Thomas

Let Henry Tudor pass through west coast of England and joined him.

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Lord Thomas Stanly

In privy council, Husband to Henry's mother, helps Henry escape Richard. gives troops at Bosworth joining Henry at the last moment.

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Henry Stafford

Duke of Buckingham helps Richard seize the princes, leads rebellion of buckingham

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John Morton, Bishop of Ely

Takes Message from Lord Stanly to Henry tudor avoiding house arrest.

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Duke of Norfolk

Leads first army for richard at bosworth

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Earl of Oxford

Leads Henry's army at bosworth

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Edward IV

Brother of Richard became king in 1461 married elizabeth woodville died april 9th 1483 2 sons Edward + richard

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Richard III

Was duke of glouchester before becoming king accompanied Edward IV in exile, on throne for 2 years supposidly killed two princes. Userped the throne

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Francis DUke of Brittany

Helped Henry Tudor escape house arrest- let henry's followers go to flee to french

periods of ill

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Elizabeth Woodville

Wife of Edward IV was lower nobillity so upset nobles

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Elizabeth of York

Married Henry tudor settled war of the roses

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Richards Noble Rulers

Sir Richard Ratcliffe - rules south richards personal advisor

William Catesby - rules south loyal to richard

Lord lovell- rules south

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Northern Rebellion

1498 upset with taxes for war, 100,000 adked 27,000 collected Henry percy killed, Rebels march to York. Earl of surrey defeats them - henry gives Surrey control of north, leaders killed rest pardoned. Rebellion means not enough money for brittany.

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The Great council

different to privy council religious group called at kings request, had representatives from towns, used in emergencies - beg henry to come back from France. Can start decisions which moves to parliament

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Pro Camera Stella

act of parliament 1487 internal security, law and order

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Bonds And recognisances

bond - upfront payment or a promise to pay deriving from the privy coucil

Recog - either up front or promise to pay using legal system

Used to control nobility and a good source of income

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The enployment of private armies or group of supporters- useful to allow nobles to defend you but can get over mightly subjects laws passed in 1487 and 1504 against it. ilelgal to retain household officers or royal tenants

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Desiderius Erasmius, belived all born sinless not original sin, going to church doesnt make you less sinful, John collet leading Humanist, looked at original bible texts, didnt say church was wrong just challenged some theories

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Treaty of Etaples

1492 aimed to stop french support to perkin warbeck renewed 1510

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HOly League

A group of nations for anti french 1496

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Thomas Wolsey

Henry VIII personal advisor, organised majority of foreign policy waslegastus a latere papal legate bishop of tournai and lincoln arch bishop of york lost his power after failing to get an anulment for henry with catherine of aragon

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Cornish Rebellion

Jan 1497 taxes Audley as leader, march to LOndon 15,000 rebels 16th june battle at Blackheath- rebels easily defeated 1000 die audley beheaded Flamank hung Warbeck lands hoping for support - fails and captured.

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Lambert Simnel

Prentender claim to be Earl of warwick - lead by Richard Symonds - army battled king henrys 1487 lost

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Lovells and Staffords

1485-86 Yorkist supporters were in sanctuary after bosworth tried to kill henry

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Henry VII income

Ordinary - one alery he gets every year -land owned by king, few close relatives (less to give out), doesnt create many new nobles, 1486 act of resumption-from 1455 all lands given away by kings belong to henry

extraordinary one off payments on top of wages Fudal dues

scutage - payment to the king instead of soldiers from nobles wardship

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