Stealing - Carol Ann Duffy

Breaking down each poem into bite sized chunks to jog your memory :)

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Stealing is about a person who steals a snowman. She does it for fun, and to see 'children... cry in the morning'. The poem is the person describing it to someone, who doesn't understand.

When he says 'hugged to my chest', this is personification. It could also show that the person is mad as they thought it was hugging them.

'My breath ripped out in rags' is an example of alliteration, and by the way they say it, it also shows that the person is mad.

Where it says 'lumps of snow', it could be a metaphor showing the self defeating nature of his thefts.

The rhetorical question at the end keeps the audience thinking, and also questions the interviewer.

The question is... 'You don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?

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