Status and role of women overtime

Women over the 20th century and present

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1910 - Before women had the right to vote


During this time, women's place was to be at home and look after the family while men's place was to go out and work and provide the money. If women worked, family would collapse.


Only 15% of married women worked outside their home

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1945 - After WW2


- During WW2 women did the work of men, as went to fight

- Women had to work because men were not there

- After men returned, women still wanted to continue doing men's jobs as the WW2 allowed women to be independent and earn money

- Women campaigned to work


The description of WW2 can be your evidence

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1960-1970 - The Pill


  • The contraceptive pill was introduced
  • This emans woman can have a career and at the same time have a family
  • There are more women in jobs which are high status as they had control of the family


In 1970, women are given the right to equal pay.

When a law changes, society attitudes changes as it forces social changes

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Attitudes have changed a lot with many stereotypes reduced. There are more technologies like washing machine and therefore women do not need to be at home as much. They have technologies to do the housework for them and they can divide the house work load between the husband and wife as men know how to use technology.


Traditional roles of woman and med are being mixed. Like men are nurses and teachers while women are accountants and lawyers.

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Explain how attitudes to the role of women have changed (8 marks)

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