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Birth of a star.

  • Perticles and clouds come together due to gravity. They merge, forming a protostar.
  • The protostar gets hotter and denser. If it gets hot enough, nuclei of hydrogen fuse.
  • This releases energy, causing the star to grow and be born.
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Shining stars/Sequence stars.

  • Energy released keeps core hot, so fusion continues.
  • Radiation flows out steadily.
  • Gravity and pressure balanced.
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End of a star.

  • All hydrogen nuclei used up.
  • Smells, cools, turns into a red giant.
  • Helium and light elements used for fusion.
  • Elements run out - fusion stops.
  • Collapses in on itself, goes from red to yellow to white dwarf.
  • Fades out and goes cold OR turns into a supernova depending on the size.
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