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The Fanfare

  • The opening is a fanfare played on brass and percussion - this builds an optimistic tone and grabs the audience's attention
  • The time signature is a steady, majestic 4/4 and is marked 'maestoso'
  • The first note of the fanfare is marked sforzando, meaning strongly accented
  • After that, the fanfare is marcato, 'accented', making it sound strong and powerful
  • Triplet rhythms make up the majority of the opening theme, and makes the music energetic despite the slow tempo
  • The melody moves in perfect 4ths and 5ths
  • Trombones and trumpets play in canon for some of the fanfare, giving the piece a polyphonic texture
  • During the final beat of the fanfare, they slow down to play in unison - this emphasises the start of the main theme
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The March

  • When the main theme starts, the time signature changes to 2/2
  • The theme has a regular beat, and the accents are on the first beat of the bar - a key feature of a march
  • The main theme is followed by a gentler, sring section, before the main theme repeats, so this section is in ternary form
  • The trumpets, which play the main theme, are accompanied by triplets in the lower brass and strings during the 'A' section
  • In the 'B' section, the main melody is played on a piccolo, whilst the strings accompany with triplets. The melody is very conjunct, which contrasts the disjunct melody of the brass section
  • The overall texture is homophonic, and the music is thick and loud
  • This piece is in a major key, which gives it an optimistic feel
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The Final Climax

  • As the theme draws to a close, the music slows down and diminuendos
  • This quietness is short lasting, as the music builds up with a dramatic crescendo and percussion once the screen changes again
  • As two spaceships enter the picture, low minor chords are used with a driving triplet rhythm, making the music tense
  • After this, the Empire's leitmotif can be heard
  • The piece ends with long low notes, which sound ominous and perhaps reflect the danger to come
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