Stanhope confronts Hibbert- Act 2

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  • Dramatic+ significant moment in the play
  • Shows the pressure that the officers are under
  • H claims he has neuralgia
  • But S knows that he is pretending to be sick to escape the big German attack expected on Thursday
  • O described S as a good commander+ in this scene S shows that he is
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Stanhope and Hibbert

  • Understands the pressure the officers are under
  • Drinks to escape
  • Contrast between him and Hibbert- H is trying physically to escape
  • The way S stops him is very dramatic
  • In control of the situation
  • H is in a panic
  • Stage directions
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  • S gives H a choice
  • Can stay in the trenches, or be shot for deserting
  • Saves him from the disgrace of being shot by a firing- squad
  • Will shoot him himself
  • H is so afraid of the trenches that he chooses to be shot by S
  • S starts to count down the seconds before he pulls the trigger
  • The audience is on the edge of its seat to see if he will pull the trigger or not
  • S places his hands on H's shoulders+ says he admires his courage
  • Almost an anti-climax
  • But no fully, as S is the commander who has given H the courage to stay
  • Saves H from disgrace+ given his company a better chance by keeping H in the trenches
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  • S is a good psychologist
  • Gets what he wants even though it hurts him
  • S understands H's fear+ what is likely to happen to them when the German attack begins
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  • With thoughts of the impending raid
  • Irritable mood
  • We are aware of the possibility of the conflict when H enters to discuss his neuralgia
  • Earliers on in the play, S had made clear his views on H+ his supposed illness
  • When H enters the scene, he doesn't know this, but the audience does
  • Dramatic irony
  • S is already unhappy because of the upcoming raid-> leaves us expecting a conflict
  • We know that S is unlikely to view H and his requests favourably
  • Talked to the doctor, so H cannot now go and see him
  • S's complete lack of sympathy in the face of H's fear-> may lead us to question his tactics
  • Silent threat turns into a spoken threat
  • We are less sympathetic to S
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S 2

  • Ability to win H round in the end-> a testament to his qualities as a leader
  • Tough approach unsuccessful-> H dares him to shoot-> S recognises the desperation in H
  • Adopts a different tactic
  • Confides in him in a way we have previously only seen him to confide in O
  • Makes H feel he's not alone
  • Plays on H's feelings of guilt, loyalty to the other men+ sense of duty, honour+ decency
  • H agrees he will try
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  • Our first real insight into H
  • Described previously by S as...
  • Complete despair shown in his hysterical outbursts
  • Going mad with the point
  • Going to die
  • Complete disregard for life when S threatens to shoot him
  • An image of a man who has been psychologically damaged by war
  • Would prefer to know when he is going to die and be 'ready' for it 
  • Rather than face the endless waiting, not knowing when/ how his deaths will come
  • Believing that every 'sound' would be his last
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