Stalin's Rise to Power

  • His rise to power between the second revolution and the death of Lenin.
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  • Political Strength
  • Personal qualities
  • Trotsky's weaknesses
  • Luck
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Political Strength

  • He was in charge of appointing offices.
  • He could give good posts to his “allies” and bad posts to his opponents where they couldn’t get much support.
  • He had played a vital role in Bolshevik history so he was admired and considered loyal.
  • His roles meant that he was a good ally to have for leading politicians and they were equally useful to him.
  • He advocated the popular “socialism in one country”
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Personal Qualities

  • He was cunning, had no reservations about playing people off one another.
  • He tricked Trotsky about Lenin’s funeral so it looked like he was much closer to Lenin.
  • He was considered mediocre and not a threat until it was too late.
  • Didn't mind doing boring, administrative tasks – which were vital to his plan.
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Trotsky's Weaknesses

  • He was high minded and looked down on his colleagues. They respected him but didn’t “like” him.
  • “The party’s most eminent mediocrity”, didn’t see Stalin as a threat.
  • He didn’t believe in political alliances and dirty politics.
  • Used to be a Menshevik so was not seen as loyal.
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It was lucky that:

  • Lenin’s testament was never published
  • Lenin died at a good time (earlier and Stalin wouldn’t have had enough power)
  • Trotsky was ill through most of the power struggle.
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this breaks it down really well, thanks :)

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