Stalinist Russia

stalins rule of russia

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Five Year Plans (what and why)


  • 3 five year plans these were to increase heavy machinery production and consumer goods.
  • first to be geared toward heavy machinery and the rest toward consumer goods, all there geared toward heavy machinery.
  • Security- there were attact against the soviet trade missions in London and Poland and they remembered the help the whites received duren the civil war so they felt they need to modernise.
  • Economic-to increase food production and increase the Russian industry infrastructure as trade had stopped and they had to relay on themselves.
  • Ideological-would get rid of the people who had surrived under NEP and allowed "social engineering" to happen.
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Five Year Plans (Results)

  • 6 fold increase in coal.
  • 4 fold increase in steel.
  • Poor wages.
  • Slave Labour.
  • Consumer good decrease.
  • Working conditions fell.
  • 38% for proletariat.
  • Capitalist powers removed.
  • Central planning gained support.
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  • Allowed everyone to be equal.
  • Factory farms.
  • To increase food productions.
  • Get rid of Kulaks.
  • Meat and milk shortages.
  • Grain production fell.
  • Cattle numbers fell.
  • Food shortages.
  • Famine.
  • Control over countryside.
  • Kulaks.
  • Social unrest.
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