Stalin: Economic Aims 1928-1941

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  • Stalin wanted to modernise the USSR and make it the most social, economically, socially, technologically and culturally advanced nation on earth
  • It was 100 behind its capitalist rivals and Stalin aimed to modernise it within 2
  • Stalin aimed to modernise the USSR through collectivisation and industrialisation
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  • Involved taking land from the peasants and giving it to the State
  • Any food that was produced by the peasants was to be given to the industrial proletariat
  • This would allow the industrial transformation to take place and eventually the policy of industrialisation to take place
  • Two types of farms were to be collectivised- state farms and collective farms both of which were very similar- the aim here was to end private ownership and allow agri. to serve the Russian state
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  • Now that proletariat had enough food, Stalin slowed down collectivisation and focussed on the policy of industrialisation
  • This was crucial for the survival of the Soviet Union
  • It aimed greater strength and survival of an attack from their enemies eg Nazis
  • Also aimed at advancing socialism
  • FYPs were brought in aimed at increasing industrial output eg coal, oil, elec
  • They also helped for the liquidation of the nepmen and the Kulaks who thrived of the NEP
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