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Definition - A person who ownes the rights to a business.

Example - A person has just finished a barbers course and decides to start a business cutting mens hair. They own the business.

Owners are internal because they work inside the business. 

Duty - To manage the business and keep everything under control to keep the business running smoothly.                                                        

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Definition - A person who is employed by a business to do work to gain wages.

Example - Someone opens a new business and has to make 300 products but cant do it by him self so he employs 10 people who all get paid £7 pound an hour.

Employees are internal because they work for the business.

Duty - To work for the company for a wage and to complete tasks set by people higher up in the business.

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Definition - A person who pays money for the product or service a business provides.

Example - I am a customer if i go buy a game to play. I am a customer to the company who made the game.

Customers are external because they do their job (which is to buy goods) outside the business.

Duty - To buy the companys products or service.

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Definition - A person or business who provide goods that companys need to create their product or service.

Example - Corner shops supply their shops by going to a wholesaler like macro and buy what they need to fill the shop with.

Suppliers are external because they are not within the company.

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Definition - The people in charge of all the taxation levels and other things like that.

Examples - The government can change the amount of tax the business owener has to pay to keep the business going.

The government are external because they are not inside the business.

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Local Community

Definition - People who live in the area near where the business is located.

Example - Tescos Local community are the people who live in the bunglos right near the shop.

The companys local community is external bacause its not to do with the inside of the business.

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