Stage of labour

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Stage 1

The contractions push the baby down the birth canal. The woman's told not to push because its a waste of energy and can tear the cervix. The transistional phase is the final part which is when the contractions are stronger and more intense it ussually takes 5-15 hours but can take up to 36 hours. At the end of this stage the cervis is fully dilated (10cm)

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Stage 2

At this stage the babys born and usually takes 1-2 hours. Sometimes if the mum has had an epidural the midwife will tell her when to push which can be hard because the mother feels a strong urge to push. The opening of the vagina strecthes when the babys head is far down the birth canal (crowning). The woman is told to stop pushing and gently pant when the babys head is born, slowing down the birth to stop the perineum tearing. To make sure the umbilical cord isnt tied around the babys head the midwife gentley eases the baby out. The shoulders and head then turn sideways and the babys delivred. The umbilical cord is clamped and cut.

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