St Valentine's Day Massacre

Revision Notes on the St Valentines Day Massacre in 1929. 

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When: 1929


  • Dion O'Banian shot dead in 1924 (rival gang leader)
  • 'Beer Wars' in 1929 (Torrio-Capone securing alcohol monopoly in Chicago)
  • North Side Irish/German gang sent 8 armoured cars to attack Capone in Chicago.
  • Capone and his Italian South-Side gang reacted.
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Capone's Plan

What did Capone do?

  • He lured George 'Bugs' Moran's gang to a garage to pick up some bootleg whisky. (North side gang)
  • Capone got 4 of his men, two dress up as policemen to go into the garage and take care of the killings.
  • Moran's men did not fight back. They thought they were being arrested by proper policemen.
  • Moran was not there at the time, he did not turn up with his gang
  • The gang was heavily weakened and they never had the same impact on Chicago again.
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What Was The End Result?

  • There were a total of SEVEN deaths (Massacre was a bit of a dramatic way of describing it) 
  • One of them was an innocent mechanic who got caught in the crossfire.
  • The other six were members of the North-Side Gang.
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Capone's Outcome

What happened to Capone?

  • Did not get to kill Moran like he intended, but atleast damaged the gang and stopped them from competing in the bootlegging market.
  • The massacre caused real policmen to get involved.
  • Two of Capone's gunmen involved were arrested and charged with murder (However they were soon murdered themselves by rival gangs.) 
  • Capone was now being targeted far greater than ever before. The police really wanted to capture him now, and their pursuit was successful.(2 years later)
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