Sports psychology

Mr- Thomas sports psychlogy A-level

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Individual aspects of performance that influence y

Personality= Unique patterns ratbehaviour while angaged in sports performance and some psychologists believe that quality of performance and particpation in sport are determined by personality

Trait perspective=All behaviour is innate and genetically programmed, they are stable, enduring and consistent in all situations, People are born with established personaliity characteristics

Trait= A single characteristic of personality that is believed to be a natural force or instinct causing an individual to behave ina predicted way

Problems with the trait theory consist of,

  • It states that behaviour at all times is predictable
  • Doesnt take into account adaption to an environment
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Eysenecks 4 personality types

1) Extrovetrt: -Affiliates well with other, Outgoing, generous and sociable, becomes more slowly aroused

2)Introvert:- Tends to be shy and reserved, prefers isolation from others

Neurotic:- Displays exterme abd unpredictable emotions in the form of mood swings,-experience high degrees of stres

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