Sports Participation Pyramid

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  • Introductory stage.
  • At the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Contains the most people.
  • People start or try an activity, where they only have basic skills.
  • Includes the compulsory sport you do at school.
  • People may not understand all of the rules.
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  • CHOOSE to continue with a sport regularly (non-compulsory). eg. playing in an after-school club.
  • Fewer people than at foundation level.
  • Slightly higher level of skill than at foundation level.
  • Not as competitive as at performance level.
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  • Non-compulsory.
  • Competitive.
  • Where people play in leagues (though not at top levels).
  • Where skill is improved by coaching & playing in competitions.
  • Training seriously & comitted to improving you sport-related skills.
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  • Made up of relatively few performers.
  • Competing at national & international levels.
  • Requires huge amount of skill & determination.
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