Sports Administration

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Organisation of Sport (1)


  • run by members for members 
  • organise the facilities and competitions
  • have committees to administer the paper work of the club
  • control the membership of the club


  • every sport has its own national governing body
  • an example is the Lawn Tennis Association
  • NGB's need to: train referees/umpires, distribute funds to clubs, select and prepare national squads, provide facilities to develop excellence, setting down rules, developing talent


  • Is a sport council
  • wants to reduce drop out rate of 16-year olds
  • improve talent development  
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Organisation of Sport (2)

  • An initiatibe is Youth Sport Trust which aims to get young people involved in sport and to encourage them to maintain this involvement from school age onwards
  • An olympic association is British Olympic Association. They: select and manage the british team, be a voice for the British team, raise money and promote participation at all levels
  • Providers of sports are: private and commercial facilities, public and local facilities, and voluntary facilities 
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Sports Provision

  • The sports participation pyramid:


  • Promotion of sports includes: compulsory lessons, extra-curricular sports and awards/courses
  • There are lots of opportunities in school including: facilities, experience of teachers, access to specialist coaching and school's specialisation
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Funding and Finance in Sport

Finance and funding of sports comes from these sources:

  • central government
  • local authorities
  • private sector
  • gambling levies
  • wealthy people investing
  • sponsorship
  • earned income
  • grants
  • money raised
  • public facilities
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