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Recreational Drugs

Alcohol Damages your performance

- it slows down your reaction time
- affects co-ordination, speed and judgement
- increases blood pressure
- In the long term can damage liver/heart/kidneys and lungs

Tobacco is legal but harmful

- Smoking causes nose, throat infections
- rise in blood pressure
- clogs up alveoli with tar
- devolops heart diseases

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Performance Enhacing Drugs

-Beta Blockers control heart rate, steady shaking hands, they have a calming relaxing effect however they can cause low blood pressure, cramp and heart failure

Snooker playes usually take them

-Stimulants affect the nervous system, they increase mental and physical alertness, however they can lead to high blood pressure and liver problems and strokes

-Anabolic Steriods mimic the male hormone which is testosterone, increase bone and muscle growth, causes aggression. They can cause high blood pressure, infertility and cancer. Women can grown facial hair and their voices could deepen.

- Diuretics cause you to urinate more and mask other drugs, however they can cause cramp and dehydration

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