Sport in the USA

Sport in the usa

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Sport in the USA

                                       Sport in the USA

  • Over the past 250 years the USA has been a 'land of opportunity' for countless

The nature of the sport :

The win ethic dominates sport at all levels in the USA

According to a legendary American football coach, Vince Lombardi, 'winning isn't
the most important thing - it is the only thing'

The American Dream:

The dream of success - gets you from ' rags to riches '

Anyon can achieve the dream

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Sport means big business - the high scoring action packed games of the USA are suited for commercialism

T.V and advertising fund top level proffesional sport

Athletes can earn millions from from advertising and sponsorship deals.

American Football:

Developed in the 'ivy league ' universities such as yale and princeton

in the 1800's there were generally no rules

Charactersitics such as toughness, endevour and courage are needed to take part.

It is a tough collision sport

American football is a multi billion dollar business

Competeion between tv networks for coverage rights inflates the cost of NFL franchises

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The superbowl:

Takes place on superbowl sunday

The second largest food consumption day after thanksgiving

30 second commercial break costs around $2.3 million

Its an hour long

Very large audience - lots of famous performance

The most important football game

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