Spoken language features

Terms: Accent -  The way words are prounounced.

Adjacency pairs - words that come wih an expected response... Ex.'how are you. ' 'I'm fine.'

Back-channel - Words or phrases like uh huh - or I see. Contraction -  Cannot - can't. sually a word shortened with an apostrophe.

Deixis  -'this and that' words outside of a text like objects.

Dialect -  the distinctive grammar in an area.

Discourse markers - Words that connect other words... '' first, now on the other hand.'

Elision - The omision or slurring of one or more sounds.  Ex. Gonna. Wassup?

 Ellipsis - The omission of gramatical structure You going to the party? ' Mising out the 'Are'.

False start - This is wen a speaker starts saying something then stops and repats it or changes it.

Filler - Has no converstaional meaning but gives speaker time to think. Ex. Erm, er, uh , ah.

Grice's Maxims - converstaional rules; dont say tooo much, keeping to the point, speak clearly and be honest.

Hedge - words which soften or weaken the force with which something is said: perhaps, maybe , sort of.

 Idiolect - An idividuals style of speaking.

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Spoken language terms continued

Interational talk - language used for socialising.

Non fluency features - interupting the flow of normal conversation, false starts, fillers etc.

Paralinguistic features - related to body language, use of gestures and facial expressions.

Phatic talk - smal talk , wih short an cutting responses.

Pragmatics - The factors that govern our language choices.

Prosodic features- stress, rythm, speech which marks out key meanings.

Repairs - An alteration made  by the speaker.

sociolect - a social dialect marked by a particular group such as the working class or the ruling class.

Tag question - strings of words used to turn a statement into a question 'its a bit expensive round here innit?.

Transactional talk -Language to get things done or to transmit information such as buisiness.

Turn taking - witing to speak.

Utterance -an utterance is a speakers coplete unit of talk bounded by the speakers silence.

Vague language - statements that are unprecise like  ' whatsit and thingy'..

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