SPI codes

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SPI Codes

1. PET

Properties: Moderate chemical resistance, good gas & moisture barrier, lightweight, strong, impact resistant.

Uses: Soft drinks/water bottles, deli & baking trays, oven safe film & food trays,  carpets & fibre filling.


Properties: High density, good stiffness, good chemical resistance.

Uses: Milk, juice, shampoo, butter & yoghurt containers, grocery, rubbish & retail bags, cereal box liners, heavy duty pipe, bottles for laundry products, oil & car washing fluid.

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SPI Codes

3. PVC

Properties: Good chemical resistance, good resistance to weathering, rigid, hard, tough, lightweight, can be coloured.

Uses: Pipes, film, clear packaging & carpet backing, container for non food items.


Properties: Low density, lightweight, low stiffness, good chemical resistance.

Uses: Bread, frozen food & dry cleaning bags, carrier bags, squeezable bottles.

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SPI Codes

5. PP

Properties: Lightweight, food safe, good impact resistance, even at low temperatures, good chemical resistance.

Uses: Yoghurt & margerine containers, medicine bottles, car parts, carpets, industrial fibres, kitchen products, string & rope.

6. PS

Properties: Lightweight, rigid, colourless, low impact strength.

Uses: Meat trays, cups, plates, cutlery, compact disc sleeves, video & audio cassette cases.

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SPI Codes

7. Other

Any other polymer or combination of polymers not covered by 1-6. Includes ABS.

Uses: Reusable water bottles, trays for microwave, mobile telephone outer cases, computer parts, monitors, keyboard parts.

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