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Aim: To test the function of seperated and independent hemispheres

Partcipants: oppurtunity sample, 11 participants who had undergone surgery to remove the corpus calosum to control their epilepsy


  • Sperry used a number of tasks in order to investigate lateralisation of brain function
  • Laboratory conditions
  • Using specialised equipment
  • Highly standardised. The tasks all involved setting tasks separately to the two hemispheres.
  • Participants had to centre their gaze and cover one eye as are Images flashed on a screen
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  • When an item shown to right visual field the person was able to say and write what they saw
  • When an item was shown to left visual field the person was only able to draw it


  • The left hempsihere is responsible for language and the right is responsible for creativity
  • studies demonstrate that there is lateralisation of function.
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