Speed, distance and time/ Velocity and acceleration.

Be able to calculate speed and understand different units.
Know the difference between speed and velocity.
Be able to calculate acceleration.

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Using the formula and different units.

we can calculate speed using the formula.

  •     speed = distance 
                        time (seconds)    

Speed can have different units.

  • Miles per hour (mph)
  • kilometers per hour
  • knotts (used on boats)
  • meters per second (m/s)
  • meters per hour (m/h)
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Velocity and acceleration.

Velocity is "speed in a given direction"

Acceleration is a measure of how quicly velocity changes.

Acceleration = change in velocity
 in (m/s)                time taken

example: A cyclist accelerates from 0 to 10m/s in 5 seconds, what is her acceleration?

                      a = v-u   = 10-0   =   10  = 2m/s
                              t           5           5

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Kinetic energy.

Any object that is moving has kinetic energy.
Kinetic energy increases when: 

  • velocity increases
  • mass increases

Example:A ball thrown into the air gradually its kinetic energy
               is transferred to gravitational potential energy.

              As the ball falls back down its gravitational potential
              energy is transferred into kinetic.

             when a car brakes to slow down, kinetic energy is tranformed
             into thermal energy.

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