Speed and Motion

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  • Speed = distance/time
  • Usain Bolt ran 100m in 9.58 at the world championships. How fast did he run.
  • s=d/t
  • s=100/9.58=10.4m/s

The unit for speed:

  • m/s
  • km/hr
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Distance = speed x time

  • A runner takes 50s to complete a race at an average speed of 8 m/s. How far did she run?
  • d=sxt
  • d=50x8=400m/s
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  • Time = distance / speed
  • my dad travles 140m at 60mph to get to Grans. How long does it take to get there?
  • t=d/s
  • t=140/60=2.3hr
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  • Frition always acts against the movement causing it.
  • for friction to be balanced on any 2 surfacethe weight or something else has to be the same as the force of the friction
  • for an object to be moved the force pushing or pulling has to be greater than the friction, but if the force is the same or less than the friction then the object will not move
  • the bigger the object the force is needed
  • oil, ice or water can be used to reduce friction
  • tyers and the road is a good type of friction becauseif the was no friction then you would slide around like on ice
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