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Welcome students of Wesley and St Agnes Halls I’m glad to see that you are all settling into hall life and are keeping myself and Eleanor up at night when you’re all going out and enjoying yourselves. University however is not just about academic learning but also personal growth and gaining life experience. By choosing to live in halls you’ve already learnt that you have to do the cleaning yourself and how to work the washers in the laundrette which are all life lessons.

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And I know that a lot of you have assignments due and please remember that these assignments are the first ones you’re doing coming from sixth form or college. I came to this uni in 2013 which was over five years ago now wow I feel a little old and I lived in Teresa halls (boo). When I handed in my first two assignments as I studied my undergraduate degree in  English literature and drama and theatre studies. I wrote those first essays and spent hours and hours on them felt really proud of myself and then I got the marks back and found out I’d got a third on both of them.

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I felt defeated and ready to drop out of my courses, many takeaways and ben and jerrys later I went to speak to my tutors and got feedback on how I could improve and by the end of first year I finished on a first despite having the learning difficulty dyslexia. Here I am a first class undergrad degree and a masters degree later doing my PhD.

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Just because you might not get the grades you want first time around don’t let it dishearten you. Go and speak to someone whether its your tutors the writing and study skills mentors in the library or myself or Eleanor. There’s no shame in wanting to improve and ask for help.

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I can also see tonight that you’re forming your friendship groups. When I was in first year and I attended my first gala dinner they were called dining in nights back then and we had long harry potter tables. I was late because id spent too long on my makeup and hair and walked in alone and scared I sat down in the only seat left and ended up sat next to some strangers that then turned into the flatmates that I lived with in second and third year.

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So please enjoy tonight, each others company and the meal you’ll share. Hopefully you’ll speak to someone you haven’t spoken to before and become friends. I look forward to spending the rest of the year with you and don’t forget me and Eleanor are always here for a chat in the evening no matter how big or small the problem. Enjoy tonight. Thank you for listening.      

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