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A species is a group of similar organisms that are capable of interbreeding to produce fertile offspring. 

E.G Memebers of the dog species can interbreed to produce more dogs. Dogs and cats are different species, they cannot breed together.


Binomial System- Naming species 

Each species- has a two part name 

First name- genus- group name- closely related species.

Second name- identifies a single species 

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Species 2


Human =   Homo     sapiens 

Tiger    =   Panthera  tigris 

Lion     =   Panthera  leo

Buttercup = Ranunculus  repens 

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Species 3

Variation within a species 

Individuals within a species are not all the same

e.g- in dog species- huge variety of different dogs

Dogs- bread for looks or ability to work 

Dogs show variation  but have more features in common than with other speices

Evolutionary link - share common ancestor 

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Species 4

Variation to suit habitat 

Closely- related species may look different if they live in different habitats.

Artic Fox- Lives in Arctic 

Fennec Fox- Lives in Desert 

They still share certain characteristics and are classified close together 

Evolutionary links between species  If two species are closely-related they tend to share more characteristics- Becuase of same common ancestor.Chimpanzees and Humans share the lizard as a common ansestor.  Feed thier young with milk--- have grasping hands--- have a backbone--- have skin coverd in hair === Chimps and Humans 

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Species 5

Arthropods are the largest animal phyla and represent 75% of animal species and are divided into four classes

Myriapods- millipedes and centipedes 

Crustace- crabs and woodlice

Insects- bees and butterflies

Arachnids- spiders and scorpions 


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